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Connecting Our Community

Asian Foods extends its mission by getting involved with Keystone

Asian Foods has been supplying high-quality food products to customers around the Midwest since 1985. From its beginning, giving back to the community has been part of the company's culture, including providing opportunities for its 125+ employees to get involved. 

A Keystone Business Partner since 2012, Asian Foods first hosted a now-annual employee food drive in support of the nearby Keystone Rice Street Food Shelf. That led to involvement in Keystone's school supply program, holiday giving program and other volunteer events. Kevin Berg, president of Asian Foods, says "Our employees like that we are good neighbors in our surrounding community." 

"Keystone provides critical services and does a good job getting resources to people who need them, including many new immigrants. Our company has always served people just getting started, helping them to be successful. Partnering with Keystone is a natural extension of that. 

To learn more about the Business Partners program, call Jen Winterfeldt at 651-603-6650.

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